Done is better then perfect.

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No matter how great a idea is, if it is not realized it is worthless.

– Scott merging quotes into his own words 2021

This quote though it may be harsh has become something I’ve come to embrace over the past month tackling my hoard of “great ideas”. I recalled a low-energy but inspiring TikTok a while back where a lady just vented saying it’s okay to forgive ourselves and just do C level work. She goes on to say if we always aim for A level quality we put an undue burden on ourselves that ultimately leads to paralysis and doing nothing. She then finally closes with “I’d rather be judged by the work I did accomplish then blamed for what I didn’t”… just wow I wish I could find the reference.

What is Perfect

Perfection to me means something we personally can’t improve. If I could cancel all my obligations, bills, and responsibilities I could focus my talent and energy on this thing and it will be amazing! To me I envision the prodigy who writes or paints an EPIC, or the athlete the accomplishes the unimaginable. In essense something that others look at in awe and validate. In my mind I simply think as long as I try hard enough I too can accomplish my grand goals. Perfect

What is Done

Done is having something which we can actually evaluate, something we can review. There is an acronym for what makes a good goal S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. In a way isn’t realizing a idea similar to setting a goal?

This is where getting something done comes in. In a way it’s the expression of measurable in real life. If we did not have something done to measure we could never truly accomplish our goals.

Done is better then perfect.

To personally overcome my personal paralysis I try to embody “done is better then perfect”. As a software developer I have hundreds of great app ideas that never get delivered. As a leader in our church I have grand visions for ministry efforts to serve those in need. If I wait until my software is truly ready for launch, I may find that the market has moved on or even worse never wanted it wasting hundreds of hours of my life. If I wait to have the perfect 5 point ministry action plan with all details defined I may find it too complex for anyone besides myself to understand it making it worthless.

To me done isn’t giving up, it’s a constant sculpting of my ideas to make make them smaller so that I can test it sooner. If I have a grand plan for a piece of software make a MVP of MVP and see if the market even wants what I’m selling. If I get end user feedback early on they can help guide it’s development to something that can truly find market success. In ministry instead of a master charter I start simply with hosting a single element of what the full ministry could become, finding out who my true purpose is.

Forgiving Myself

Having always had more ideas then there are hours in the day I felt guilt piling up with each idea I knew would never come to reality. However, with getting at least a few of them done I can at least be proud at what I did accomplish instead of worrying over what I didn’t. As an idea becomes complete it is then I get to decide if I’m done with it or create a new idea/goal to build on it’s foundations which may one day lead to perfect ?.

Closing, in a world that seems to only glamorize what is perfect at least you can be proud at what you got done.