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What is #5FTF?

Ever heard of #5FTF? If you haven’t that’s okay… it’s just only the coolest thing in WordPress. In it’s simplest form WordPress is the product of hundreds of thousands of user’s across the globe developing the largest open-source CRM that powers over 1/3 of all major websites. Of the thousands of web agencies, businesses, and freelancers who benefit from this group effort that provides a primary source of income for many of us we should be challenged to give back to the community who gives to us. #5FTF simply is a call that if you make money from WordPress give back 5% of your time to the community.

Corporate Sponsors

If your a WordPress agency I’d highly recommend you follow WebDevStudios. Every month all of us WDSers are given a full-day to learn, grow, and contribute back to our community. Not only does this enrich your employees, but it can actually help your business grow too… great publicity and can serve as a powerful recruitment tool to get the top talents in the competitive WordPress space showing you have a great corporate culture.

While the mission of our WordPress agency is the success of our clients, WDS team members appreciate being able to take a day to step away from projects and do something to help improve and strengthen the power of WordPress, which, in turn, also benefits our clients and all who own and use WordPress websites. The whole point behind Five for the Future is to donate 5% of company time to WordPress.

Laura Coronado

A Year in Review

#5FTF embodies the spirit of why WebDevStudios is the best WordPress shop to not only work with but work for. The natural corporate culture of care and concern for its employees, clients, and the greater community.